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Dig Box 2.0 (NEW)

Dig Box 2.0 (NEW)

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Dig Box 2.0 is out now! It is even bigger to get more students involved! Now there's no need to buy multiple kits. 


So what's the difference? 

15 trowels vs 6 trowels

2 tape measures vs 1 tape measure

10 brushes vs 3 brushes

Addition of 2 quality sieves for smaller finds

Extra replica items to bury. including large ankhs and a coin hoard

Plus all of the other great features that were in the original dig box; trench pegs, string line, photography scales and worksheets. 


Take your students out to the school sand pit or garden and let them be archaeologists for the day! Students will really love getting out of the classroom and in to the great outdoors for a fun, hands-on outdoor lesson with real archaeological tools and methods.

Set up the dig site with the trench pegs and string line into a grid square pattern. Bury the artefacts provided and have the students dig up the artefacts with the trowels and brushes, all whilst keeping the items in context. Photographic scales are provided so that the items can be photographed, measured and drawn in-situ. Sieves are provided so that students can sieve the spoil for smaller finds. Students are provided with worksheets used by real archaeologists to record their finds.  

A nice storage box is provided so that you can store the kit until its next use. You will get many years of use out of this kit!


 What's included:

- Storage Box

- Trowels x 15

- Trench Pegs x 6

- String Line

- Brushes x 12 

- Tape Measure x 2

- Photography Scale x 6

- Sieves x 2

- Worksheets

- Replica dinosaur or human bones 

- Shells

- Assorted replica ancient items (may include coins, ankhs, scarabs, jewellery etc)


We recommend adding buckets to your dig!


Great to use with: (for NSW, Australia customers)

- Year 7 History- Investigating the Ancient World

- Year 9 & 10 Elective History- History, Heritage & Archaeology

- Year 11 & 12 Ancient History- Investigating Ancient History

- Open Day displays

- Subject Selection displays for History



* Please allow 20 business days for delivery due to Covid-19 delays. 

* Colours and styles may vary depending on stock availability