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Testimonials for Pompeii & Herculaneum: Student Workbook

The Pompeii and Herculaneum student workbook is an extremely useful resource for Ancient History classrooms. The workbook offers in-depth information for each dot point. This workbook is definitely a must for Ancient History teachers."

R Gurney

The workbook is very student friendly with clear explanations and well designed activities. Perfect for flipped learning! What I love most though is loads of well-labelled sources! This is something lacking in other texts."

C Cartwright

"Both books are excellent resources for students of all abilities. The student books have the ease of everything in one place, including content, sources and questions for revision. I would highly recommend both resources to teachers and students alike."


"The layout is very easy to follow and the material is all clearly presented and accessible to a wide range of learners. The student activities enable teachers to quickly and easily assess learning and provide feedback in real time. Once completed, the activities and the book's comprehensive notes help students stay organised and focused."