Archaeological Tool Bag
Archaeological Tool Bag

Archaeological Tool Bag

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Unfortunately due to current Covid-19 lockdowns in Sydney we are unable to supply this product for the next couple of weeks as some of our suppliers of individual items are closed. Please either check back when the restrictions are lifted or click the "Notify When Available" button to be informed when these items are back in stock. 

Take an archaeologists' tool bag in to the classroom! Students can touch and look at the archaeologists' tools, bringing history to life!

Suggested activities:

- Teachers show the class one tool at a time and the students need to guess what it might be used for

- Students draw and describe each tool

- Pass the tools around the room for students to touch and hold

- Set up a mock archaeological station for open days etc


What's included:

- Archaeologists' bag

- Trowel

- Sieve

- Tape Measure

- Magnifying Glass

- Brushes

- Tweezers

- Trench Pegs x 4

- String Line

- Spirit Level

- Plumb Bob

- Photography Scale

- Finds Bags

- Notebook and Pencil


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